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One of my first clients was going through a difficult transition in her life and had moved to a new home and neighborhood. Although her new home was a practical place for her at that point in her life, she wasn't very happy with her new circumstances or space. While working on her remodel together, we added nostalgic elements that reminded her of her past, we incorporated fun colors, and we opened up her main living spaces, making them more receiving and functional. When the remodel was complete, she expressed how happy she now was in her new home, how it so accurately reflected her personality, and how she couldn't wait to have her friends and family over. I love designing that transformation into people's lives. This, and many other similar experiences from our clients is why I say we "design happiness into homes".  

Styled for your life.

Period. At JND, we believe everyone should live in a home that they love, that is beautiful, and that serves them and their families. 

Is this right for me?

living in a dysfunctional home designed for the "average family"?

are you sick of...

stale and monotonous in your own home? 

do you feel...

a space that is functional, reflects your personality, is filled with quality products, and is a nurturing environment for your family?

do you want...

- David Hicks

"the best rooms have something to say about the people who live in them."

Three phases to your dream home. . .

phase one

We start every project with an in-home consultation, a contract, and a retainer.

project initiation

phase two

JND carefully assesses the job site, develops the design with drawings and product selections, then presents every aspect of the design all at once. 

research, design, & presentation

phase three

Let the fun begin! Phase 3 of JND's process is when product is ordered, renovation and installation takes place, and the much anticipated client reveal happens. We'll then wrap up the project by identifying and resolving any deficiencies.

project management

the experience

Experience has shown us a standardized design-build process makes the renovation experience more enjoyable for our clients. At JND, we utilize a reliable 15 STEP Project Management Strategy that allows us to satisfy clients and complete projects on time and on budget.

the expertise

Jamie has spent the majority of her career in the kitchen and bath industry, specializing in cabinetry, which makes JND an expert at details, functionality, and problem-solving.

Our Values

It's JND's mission to bring personality, quality, craftsmanship, function, and beauty to American homes. Not only that, but we source products made in the US whenever possible to ensure our clients receive the very best items for their homes and to protect American independence and jobs.

What makes us unique

virtual design

An affordable way to receive a custom-designed home. Virtual design clients participate in phases 1 & 2 of JND's process, receiving a consultation and a professional design, just as our full-service clients would, but e-design clients are given the tools to shop for product and manage the rest of their project on their own. 

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E-Design Package

full service design

A true turn-key luxury design service. Clients receive an in-home consultation, a custom design with exclusive product, and the JND team to manage their project from start to finish.

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Turn-Key Design Package

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amanda says...

"I say Jamie is my designer and therapist - it's always so stressful making decisions and she helps you think through the options and come up with a great solution that you'll love for years to come".

jaycee says...

"I love the design and it spoke to me in ways that I knew I could never have even thought of."

Questions & Answers

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how long does the project typically last?

This varies from project to project, but clients typically receive their design within 6 weeks of their consultation and the build or renovation process takes 3 months to 1 year depending on project size.

how can i book my consultation?

Fill out an inquiry form on our website or call JND's office to book a consultation. Consultations require an upfront fee of just $350.

do you offer e-design services too?

Yes! We love our Virtual design clients! Clients follow the same design process as our full-service clients, but they are given the tools to purchase products and manage their project on their own.

designing happiness into homes

your dream home awaits...

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