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We know homes.

At JND, we know homes are more than a place to eat and sleep. Our homes are where our families are raised and where our most cherished memories are made. They should be where we feel most at ease, at our most creative, and can be our most productive. It's our mission at Jamie Nell Design to give each home we touch personality, quality, superior craftsmanship, function, and beauty so that you as our client can be happy in your home and live your best life. 

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Homes that are
beautiful and functional.

Every American home has the basics designed into it - a kitchen, living room, bathrooms, and bedrooms, but at JND we take it a step further and design interior spaces around our client's lives, giving them the opportunity to truly be happy in their homes.

designing happiness into homes.


— Holly

"She is such a calm and sweet person and you won't feel an ounce of judgment from her when you show her your space you want to redo. If you need an expert's help, I highly recommend Jamie!"

— Jaycee

"I love the design and it spoke to me in ways that I knew I could never have even thought of."

— Haley

"Jamie is SUCH a great listener. She heard what I had to say and the questions I had and addressed them and the deeper questions I had. I have a clear course of action to make my spaces exactly what I want them to be!"

5 stars


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